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Health and Performance

What are the questions we deal with on the subject of health and performance?

  • What materials can contribute to maintaining human health – or even restoring it?
  • Which future products can improve the quality of life and safety of the elderly?
  • How can we improve performance during sports activities or under extreme environmental conditions?
  • How can we develop and functionalize fibers and textiles to endow them with specific properties?
  • Can we guarantee the safety of new materials? And how do we even test it?


Protect people, promote good health in a sustainable manner, maintain and improve our quality of life and our physical capacity – these are ever more important topics, especially in the light of trends that predict a continuously increasing life expectancy. We take on this challenge, using an interdisciplinary approach combining know-how and experience from textile and material sciences, from biology and nanotechnology. We focus on materials for medical applications within the human body and on materials and systems that protect and assist us in our daily lives. Moreover, we investigate the safety of new materials by developing innovative testing methods.


Phone: +41 58 765 74 00

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