Functional Polymers  
Organic solar cells
Synthesis of organic dyes
Materials for dielectric elastomer actuators
Lifetime of polymer materials
Functionalized CNTs
Photolabile polymers for laser ablation transfer

Laboratory for Functional Polymers


The Laboratory for functional Polymers is devoted to the research and development of novel polymeric materials with unique functional properties, designed for future technological applications. Our competences include chemical synthesis, chemical and physical characterization methods as well as device fabrication.

In particular we are investigating organic solar cells and focus on the synthesis of organic semiconductors with strong optical absorption in the near infrared domain as well as on the structuring of thin biphasic films.

With a view to explore novel laser-based micro-patterning techniques, we are working on the synthesis of photosensitive polymeric materials. In our laboratory we employ the deposition process for the fabrication of organic light-emitting devices.

A further research topic of the laboratory focuses on the development and characterization of novel dielectric elastomers to be used in electromechanical actuators. Research is directed to increasing the dielectric constant by following a composite approach.

It is our aim to promote technology transfer and to participate in research and development projects with our industrial partners, taking advantage of our competences in polymer science and technology. We offer services to our industrial customers in the field of polymer technology, failure analysis of plastics as well as chemical and physical analysis.




Contact Details:

Head of Laboratory:

Prof. Frank. A. Nüesch
Tel. +41 44 765 4740


Isabella Gartmann
Tel- + 41 44 765 6073

EMPA Materials Sience & Technology
Laboratory for Functional Polymers
Überlandstrasse 129
CH-8600 Dübendorf

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